Services: E-mail services

E-mail services

E-mail service is the most commonly used service for information exchange. This is one of the oldest network communication mean and now it’s supported by modern protocols, communication and application software. RENAM mail exchange facility allow to utilize different protocols for read and write electronic  letters. Mail servers are distributed within network and are present in all Data Communication nodes of the network, so customer have a choice, which mail server at what node is more convinced for access. Usually  mail servers are included in appropriate sub network, which has connectivity with corresponding  Data Communication node and associated to the node Internet address.

Customer mail address consists of two fields which are separated by @ sign: user name is to the left from @ and mail server address to the right side. For example:

So e-mail users have to contact  RENAM mail exchange maintenance group by e-mail or by phone (+37322) 735760, 739827 for obtaining all necessary information how to allocate users mail box the most suitable manner.