Agreement of collaboration in the field of information technology

The Ministry of Education of RM, The Department of Informational Technologies of RM, The Academy of Sciences of Republic of Moldova, State Superior Council of Science and Technology Development, State University of Moldova, Technical University of Moldova, named below “Sides” had accepted the present agreement about following:

  1. The sides realize the importance of promoting of the research and educational institution’s collaboration with the aim of coordination and consolidation of joint efforts in foundation of developed informational media of the science-educational community of Moldova. It’s the essential element of the social progress and the development of the informational society in Moldova.
  2. Taking in consideration the positive practice of the European countries, the sides promote and distinguish as the main subject of this agreement the creation of the necessary premises for continued and efficient development of the existent academic scientific-educational data network – the joint strategic platform for building of informational system for the whole area of the science and education community of Moldova, integrated into European and world informational system. Having this aim the sides accept following:
    • To consider the opportune creation of the NREN (National Research and Education Network) of Moldova as a joint structural base in the creation and development of the infrastructure of the specialized informational network for the branch of the science and education. To assign the functions of NREN of Moldova to existent network named RENAM (Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova), represented by the RENAM Association and created on the NATO Scientific Council’s base of grants and other international organisms with the aim of providing the scientific-educational societies of Moldova with a developed infrastructure of data communications network.
    • To create the Coordination Council of the NREN, which consists of the representatives of the Sides with the functions of generation of joint initiatives of planning, coordination and appreciation of the realizes, accenting the importance of the agreed elaboration of the national and international projects wit the aim of the efficient utilization of the human, material and financial resources, orientated to the development of the informational corporate branch of the science and education of Moldova.
  3. The sides supports the activities of the cooperation in the field of the information technologies having the aim to provide the help of the international organisms in active integration of Moldova in the scientific-educational and world international area with the access to GEANT and other trans-European networks.


Mr. G. Sima, The Ministry of Education Acad. A. Andries, President of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

V. Molojen, General director of The Department of the Informational Technologies,


Prof. G. Rusnac, Rector of the State University of Moldova


Prof. A. Rotaru, The President of The State Council of
Science and Technological Development


Acad. I. Bostan, Rector of the Technical University of Moldova