Infrastructure and Services


Servicii de infrastructură şi interconectare

NREN-RENAM acces (reţeaua Naţională pentru Cercetare şi Educaţie): • Conectarea reţelei universitare în baza fibrei optice şi tehnologiei Gigabit. • Interconectarea cu reţelele instituţiilor de cercetare şi educaţie: AŞM, UTM, ASEM, USM, UPSC, USMF „N. Testimiţianu”, IMSP IMU, CNAA, USEM, USTaraclia, USCahul, AMTAP • Accesul la Backbone-ul naţional al infrastructurii de fibră optică de interconectare a instituţiilor şi campusurilor la capacitatea de 1 GB. Utilizarea resurselor informaţionale. Asigurarea accesului universităţilor şi instituţiilor de cercetare la resursele centrelor de excelenţă şi incubatoarele inovaţionale. GEANT-IP acces: Acces la reţeaua şi serviciile de bază a reţelei pentru cercetare şi educaţie Trans-Europene GEANT, disponibilă pentru utilizatorii din sfera ştiinţifico şi educativă. Asigurarea accesului la resursele informaţionale, inclusiv Internet global, prin intermediul infrastructurii reţelei GEANT.

Basic GÉANT Services via RENAM E-Infrastructure

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop, mobile phone or other device. Details on: eduroam.md eduGAIN (EDUcation Global Autentification Infrastructure) interconnects identity federations around the world, simplifying access to content, services and resources for the global research and education community. It is a global service, where dozens of federations are participating in, with thousands of identity providers and service providers. Details on federated access to services and LEAF (MoLdovan ResEarch and EducAtion Identity Federation): federations.renam.md/ FileSender – open source web application for sending files of any size, quickly and securely. Suited for large files. Authenticated users has full control over who receives and can access the files and for which period of time. Details on: filesender.renam.md/ GCS (GÉANT Certificate Service) – digital certificate issuing service. RENAM is operating MD-Grid Certification Authority and effectuating registration procedures as Registration Authority for support issuing DigiCert certificates. DigiCert issues certificates for server and client authentication to organizations and individuals for use with the SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0 protocol.…

Servicii de acces la resurse europene de calcul performant

GRID – acces la infrastructura regională de calcul distribuit. HPC (High-performance computing) – acces la infrastructura regională de calcul performant.

Servicii Conexe

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team center of internet security expertise)-serviciu de prevenire şi detectare a incidentelor de securitate din domeniul IT . CISCO Academy – serviciu de instruire autorizată in domeniul TIC in cadrul ASC (Academy Support Center) RENAM: CCNA Routing & Switching; CCNA Security: CCNP Routing & Switching;Linux Essentials. e-LIBRARY – acces autorizat la publicaţiile electronice, la baza de date EBSCO, etc.. e-Learning – găzduirea şi partajarea platformelor Moodle şi ILIAS de uz comun pentru elaborarea şi desemnarea contextului educaţional. BackUp System RENAM – Utilizarea sistemului de rezervare RENAM a informaţiei critice de pe serverele instituţiilor conectate la reţea. UMS (Acordarea Platformei Interuniversitare pentru testarea si implementarea Sistemelor de Management Universitar, organizare videoconferinţe, hosting, mentenanţă). CNAA on-line: Asigurarea transmisiunilor on-line a şedinţelor de susţinere a tezelor de grad ştiinţific în reţeaua Renam.

E-mail services

E-mail service is the most commonly used service for information exchange. This is one of the oldest network communication mean and now it’s supported by modern protocols, communication and application software. RENAM mail exchange facility allow to utilize different protocols for read and write electronic  letters. Mail servers are distributed within network and are present in all Data Communication nodes of the network, so customer have a choice, which mail server at what node is more convinced for access. Usually  mail servers are included in appropriate sub network, which has connectivity with corresponding  Data Communication node and associated to the node Internet address. Customer mail address consists of two fields which are separated by @ sign: user name is to the left from @ and mail server address to the right side. For example: Ion@com.renam.md So e-mail users have to contact  RENAM mail exchange maintenance group by e-mail postmaster@renam.md or by phone (+37322) 735760, 739827 for obtaining all necessary information how to allocate users mail box the most suitable manner.

Domain names

RENAM is responsible for the administration and registration of domain names under the ACAD.MD and RENAM.MD domains. These pages provide information on registering new names and modifying details in the ACAD.MD and RENAM.MD domains. ACAD.MD – Guidelines, Procedures and Templates RENAM.MD – Guidelines, Procedures and Templates Procedure for Requesting Modifications to ACAD.MD and RENAM.MD Domain Details Businesslink Sub-Domains – Advice will be issued shortly. In the meantime please contact RENAM NOC Reverse Lookup Delegations – should be directed to the RENAM Administration: office@renam.mdRENAM has overall responsibility for the ACAD.md domain. This includes the setting of policy and guidelines, as well as the name submission, approval and registration procedures for the domain. Eligibility Guidelines; Procedure (under ACAD.MD); Procedure (under RENAM.MD); Template Format ; Template Procedure for gaining a name within the ACAD.MD domain Submitting requests: Requests may be submitted either as a formatted template in plain text to the following email address: naming-acad@renam.md       (This is a closed list whose members will pprove/reject the request). or in writing to RENAM naming service. Posted requests should be in the same format as the template. For any name submitted there are two possible outcomes: Accepted. This will mean that there is no objection to the name and a positive acknowledgement will be…

Corporate Leased Line connection

To connect your computer to the Internet permanently, besides a modem and router, you need also a leased line. From the user's point of view the main things that matter are speed of the connection, installation cost, and recurring monthly charges. There is a great number of variations depending on your location and wishes (if you are interested, please, complete the Order Form).

Consulting, Education and Training

"Everybody (with the basic knowledge about the computers and Windows operating system) who wants to get to know more about the Internet is welcome at RENAM and RENAM partners education and training courses. There are the following topics: *the main Internet services and the possibilities of use *overview on the history and structure of the Internet *e-mail, Telnet, FTP, Gopher, WWW browsers etc. *information gathering strategy. It is all in lectures, examples and practicing on the computer! Basic course – 4 hours, advanced course – 12 hours."

WWW sites designing and production

RENAM offers a wide range of services relating to the development, allocation and storage of WWW pages: *each design is unique to the customer *we can develop interactive applications for you *let us publish your database to the Internet *ask about storing information on RENAM servers ... ... and more. You are always welcome at our web server for more detail information. Storing on the separate virtual WWW server is available.