STACCIS in Moldova

The STACCIS project which started in 1996 is directed to the development of collaboration in the sphere of the applied networking technologies, used in education, scientific research and works on ecology in the states of the European Union (EU) and the European states of CIS: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine. Later on the circle of the CIS countries, participating in STACCIS project, has widened thanks to including of the Middle Asia states of the former USSR.

The principal tasks of the project include:

At the previous stages in 1996-1997 the first two problems were solved and the principles of Information-Demonstration Centres system formation were defined in order to realize the project information strategy. In 1998 the second phase of STACCIS project started. A schedule of work accomplishment and carrying-out of the main organization measures for the period of 1998 beginning – 1999 middle has been elaborated. The creation of the national Web-site IDC in Moldova was planned for 1998 in conformity with the presented work schedule.

The contract Ref/98 STACCIS.01, made between EDNES (Earth Data Network for Education and Scientific Exchange) and the Computer Centre of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova appeared to become the grounds for activation of works on STACCIS project in Moldova in 1998. The principal task, formulated in the contract, is the following:

Development of national WWW STACCIS Information Demonstration Center (IDC) in Kishinev and its WWW – site providing access to relevant information resources in Moldova in the framework of the project STACCIS.