News: 5 reasons to attend EaPEC 2018 in Chisinau, 17-18 October

5 reasons to attend EaPEC 2018 in Chisinau, 17-18 October

There’s only a short time left to register for this year’s Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference EaPEC 2018, which will be hosted by RENAM in Chisinau, Moldova on 17-18 October. If you haven’t registered yet, here are great reasons why you should:

1. Network

EaPEC 2018 provides a great opportunity to network face-to-face with policy makers, research managers, influencers and experts on networking, cultural heritage and high-performance computing for research and education, from the Eastern Partnership and all over the world.

2. Enjoy a varied schedule

A keynote speech by Erik-Jan Bos (NORDUnet) will explain plans for new inter-continental research and education networks. Panels will discuss women in IT and the sustainability of e-infrastructures in the EaP region. Experts will present about EC-funded research, digital libraries and digital heritage. You can contribute to workshop talks about cloud services, cybersecurity, and NREN (national research and education network) services. Winners of this year’s Enlighten Your Research call will reveal their projects and lightning talks will bring fresh ideas.

3. Have fun & collaborate

You never know when a simple social interaction could be the start of a longer-term collaboration. EaPEC 2018 will build interactivity into the conference sessions and give plenty of time between sessions to mingle with fellow conference-goers from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and EU member states.

4. Learn

Everyone can learn, no matter how experienced you are. EaPEC 2018 will expose you to varied points of view, new ideas and trends that can impact future results.

5. Inspire & be inspired

EaPEC 2018 participants are highly skilled and experienced professionals, inspirational in their passion to make a long-term positive impact. They can be a valuable resource for best-practices and you can share their knowledge and ideas with your organisation. Your thoughts, ideas and expertise are also part of this exchange. Perhaps you will inspire someone else and, who knows, maybe you’ll be invited to come and speak at next year’s conference!

Register now! See the full EaPEC 2018 schedule, speakers information and other details.

See the EaPEC 2018 invitation video, produced by RENAM: