News: Open Science: challenges and development objectives in the Republic of Moldova

Open Science: challenges and development objectives in the Republic of Moldova

Challenges of Open Science in the Republic of Moldova, consolidation efforts and collaboration to achieve the Open Science objectives, Open Science initiatives in the countries of South Eastern Europe, use of the National Bibliometric Tool for assessment and monitoring of scientific journals and conferences, financing the research and development sphere in the Republc of Moldova – these topics were discussed at the round table “Problems of Open Science in the Republic of Moldova”.

This event was attended by researchers, managers, editors of scientific journals and librarians from 45 institutions and organizations in the field of research and development. The round table was held on December 12, 2019 and was organized by the Information Society Development Institute in partnership with the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, RENAM and the Consortium REM.

Science, in a broader sense, can be understood as a process of collecting and analyzing data, publishing research results, and using the obtained knowledge. Open Science is a movement aimed at making scientific research (including publications, data, physical samples and software) a transparent and accessible knowledge, shared at all levels of society and oriented towards solving our most persistent problems.

During the discussions Dr. Petru Bogatencov made a presentation entitled “NI4OS: European Open Science Cloud Initiative – Support of Open Science in the South Eastern Europe” about the NI4OS-Europe project, specific activities planned for the Republic of Moldova in the framework of the project and perspectives of establishment of the National Open Science Initiative.

Participants at the round table mentioned the need to elaborate documents about national policies on Open Science, open data, research data management plan, research e-infrastructure and other important aspects. At the same time there was noted the need for the full involvement of the line ministries, primarily the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, in approving the national policies that would support the achievement of the Open Science objectives regarding eliminating barriers in the implementation of Open Science, implementation of the Open Access publication, consolidation of competence and confidence in the practice of Open Data, ensuring the integrity of research, development of Open e-Infrastructures, implementation of participatory science.

Details on: https://idsi.md/problemele-privind-stiinta-deschisa-in-rm-discutate-de-comunitatea-academica