Testimonials: VI-SEEM Success Story

VI-SEEM Success Story

DICOM Network – Solution for Medical Images Archive, Access, Processing and Visualization.

The problem of storage and visualization of medical images collected by various medical equipment is actual for latest 10 years for every Medical institution on the one hand. On the other hand, access to the Medical investigation datasets and solving the problem of personal patient data is important for scientific community and institutions that require this data. DICOM Network project is developed for solving these problems for different actors in the system based on the various customized roles.

The project based on a number of self-installed components that are build using a number of modules. The assemble of components and modules provides a flexible architecture of the DICOM “Network” that is consolidated by DICOM DATA Interface into one radiology investigations database. The system architecture is presented in the diagram below:

DICOM Network Step by Step

Project started from one node located in the Institute of Urgent Medicine (IMU) www.urgenta.md located in Chisinau, Moldova that served only one Institution and have storage element only of 2TB.

Then thanks to VI-SEEM project and RENAM computing infrastructure the storage capabilities and processing power increases in many times and now we are collecting about 300 investigations per day and 1TB of data per month.

All this is possible by using of a number of developed components: DICOM Server, DICOM Portal, DICOM Viewer, DICOM Audit and others that are flexible enough to cover the requirements of any medical institution or specific scientific community.

Results and future development

The current number of collected investigations is over 187 000, that are regularly requested. Many medical institutions and different medical staff are working with this system. Two institutions  refused using any other PACS and Archive system and are now are using only DICOM Network for patient workflow.

Now installed three DICOM Portals and four DICOM Servers in two countries: Moldova and Macedonia. In Romania (clinic from Cluj-Napoca) and in Russia (Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov) expressed their interest to install DICOM Network.

Currently available DICOM Portals: