RENAM Public Association Council Regulation

1. RENAM Association Council Status

1.1. The Council of RENAM Public Association (further – Association) is an administrative collegial body of the Association.
1.2. Association Council includes leading representatives of institutions – members of Association (universities, research institutions, other educational, scientific, cultural and legal organizations), from the Governmental bodies (Ministries and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova), Association’s founders, distinct figures from the area of information and communication technologies, company’s and institution’s representatives with whom the Association has strategic co–operation and partnership relations in its activity area as well as other figures in motivated cases.
1.3. Voluntary exclusion of a member from the Association Council is done by his request. The ablation from the Association Council may be initiated by the President and the Association Council members in well-grounded reasons (Association Statute encroachment). The adoption of Association structure modification (align, ablation) is to be done by open majority voting of ordinary or extraordinary meeting.
1.4. The President of Association Council is elected by circle for a period of one year by open balloting with the simple majority of votes of the participants at the Association Council meeting.
2. Association Council Activity

2.1 The Association Council President organizes Association Council activity.
2.2. At President Association Council initiative may be named – revoked the Association Council Secretary that executes the Association Council’s afferent documents (letters, requests, minutes, certificates, etc.).
2.3. Association Council Meetings are convened by the President of Association Council by necessity at least once a year, or at least at the request of 1/3 of Council members signed and presented to the Council President within 15 days before the envisaged meeting.
2.4. Association Council Meetings are deliberative in those cases when at the meeting are present not less than a half of the Association Council members.
2.5. Association Council decisions are adopted by simple majority of votes.
3. Association Council Attributions
The Council of Association:

3.1. Determines the priority directions of Association’s technical, scientific and organizational activities.
3.2. Examines and adopts the Association’s activity program for a mean period.
3.3. Adopts the Association’s executive management current year activity report, budget and annual activity plans.
3.4. Develops Association’s relationships with the State bodies in order to provide an ample informational necessities and distribute Internet traffic to the institutions from the education, research and innovation fields, including the access to the international and domestic informational resources from above area.
3.5. Examines, discussing and participating in elaboration of Government information resources and infrastructure development plans of the Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Informational Development, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, other ministries and State departments. Coordinates the Association activity with the mentioned plans and State programs in domain of R&E institutions informational support, contributes to active participation of Association at National and international R&E IT development joint programs.
3.6. Contributes at the development of partnership relationships with companies from the communication and informational technologies area.
3.7. Examines and make decisions according to the Association cooperation with other providers of informational services and Internet.
3.8. Examines and takes decisions according to the cooperation and interrelation of the Association with other similar networks from the country and abroad.
3.9. Elects the General Director of the Association that operatively governs the Association.