Executive Abstract NIG 982702

Executive Abstract NIG 982702 – Work Packages, Scheduling

  1. WP1 – construction of DF line:

The realization of WP1 tasks and the necessary funding are specified in European Commission project SEE-GRID-SCI Workprogramme. These financial recourses are already allocated and will be activated since the beginning of 2009.

2. WP2 – installation, adjusting and putting in operation of optical data transmission equipment:

The realization of WP2 tasks and the necessary funding are the subject of this proposal

3. WP 3 – routing and data flows distribution equipment installation and putting in operation:

The necessary support of WP3 tasks realization is negotiating with GEANT project Consortium represented by DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) and RoEduNet – partner NREN. The details of preliminary Agreement for obtaining the necessary co-funding for ordering the communication equipment from DANTE through RoEduNet are in process of negotiation.

4. WP4 – construction of last mile DF lines in Chisinau and Iasi:

The necessary funding for WP4 tasks realization will be offered by RENAM network itself using internal financial resources.