Conferences: Fourth CEENet Workshop – 2004

Fourth CEENet Workshop – 2004

Dear participants of Workshop,

Welcome to Chisinau and Moldova.

On behalf of the Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENet), Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM) and Academy of Economical Studies of Moldova (AESM – ASE) we wish you a pleasant stay and creative work at the Fourth CEENet Workshop on Network Management/NATO Advanced Networking Workshop that is scheduled to take place from October 07 until October 12, 2004 in Chisinau.

It is our pleasure to greet and host the participants to the Workshop from more then 30 countries, the pioneers, experts, managers and policy makers in the promotion of new networked information technologies in the world of education and research.

We are sure that on the road of building the New Global e-Society the Information Technologies becomes a real power for consolidation of progressive mankind around of widely disseminated knowledge.

The role of National Research and Education Networks is of great value for a free exchange of ideas, best practices and concepts that under the umbrella of education and research encourage and establish democratic and market oriented mechanisms and institutions.

We sincerely hope that the accomplishments and the results of the Fourth CEENet Workshop on Network Management will improve the status and the operation of NRENs in the CEE and FSU countries, as well as create new possibilities for further collaboration and cooperation.

Jacek Gajewski – CEENet

Andrei Andries, Ion Bostan – RENAM

Grigore Belostecinic – AES