Conferences: Worksop abstract 2012

Worksop abstract 2012

On May 30, 2012 in the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova in cooperation with RENAM Association was organized the first session of the cycle of technical-scientific workshops, training events and courses for research personnel and specialists from Moldova devoted to rising awareness and skills in HPC, Grid and Cloud computing infrastructures utilization.

The programme of the first session entitled “Access to regional High Performance Computing (HPC) resources” included two presentations that covered the following topics:

New approaches for solving of many existing in the scientific and industrial areas tasks that require processing large amounts of data and utilization of tremendous computing resources. As examples of these tasks it can be mentioned many practical problems that are effectively solving by using of numerical simulation. There are various complex economical and statistical problems, tasks of weather and environment modeling, calculations in the areas of high precision graphics, etc. that requiring capacitive computing resources. Some of such tasks can be solved on desktop computers, but calculation time will be very, very or unpredictably long. That is why for these kinds of tasks are developing specific computing resources and technologies that are known as high-performance computing (HPC), distributed computing Grids and as a perspective – scientific cloud computing.

The presentations during the first workshop were focused on:

The list of the workshop attendees:

  1. Serieru G.; IMI, RENAM AO; secrieru@renam.md; 73-81-46
  2. Boian E.; IMI; lena@math.md; 72-74-65
  3. Cocirta P.; IEG; pcocirta@hotmail.com; 72-18-03
  4. Bogatencov P.; IMI, RENAM AO; bogatenc@asm.md; 73-98-27
  5. Iliuha N.; IMI , RENAM AO; nick@renam.md; 28-80-06
  6. Jelev D.; IGEP AŞM; jelevdd@yahoo.com; 66-03-84
  7. Ciubotaru C.; IMI; chebotar@math.md
  8. Naval E.; IMI; elvira.naval@gmail.comnvelvira@math.md
  9. Goncearuc A.; RENAM AO; ag@renam.md
  10. Verlan T.; IMI; tverlan@math.md; 73-81-10
  11. Taragan R.; IEFS; raisa_t1@rambler.ru
  12. Cristian I.; IEFS; irinus_c@yahoo.com
  13. Novacov S.; IEFS; snejok_86@yahoo.com
  14. Burţeva L.; IMI; burtseva@math.md
  15. Mardari L.; IEFS; mardari_liviu@yahoo.com
  16. Cojocaru I.; IDSI; cojocaru@asm.md
  17. Cacean A.; IDSI; alexandru.cacean@idsi.md
  18. Briceag V.; IDSI; valentin.briceag@idsi.md
  19. Moroz V.; JEFS; vmorozz7@gmail.com
  20. Demidova V.; IMI; demidova@meth.md
  21. Hîncu B.; USM; boris.hancu@gmail.comhancu@usm.md
  22. Borta I.; SHS; iborta@meteo.md
  23. Zaharov S.; IEFS; zaharov.svetlana@gmail.com

Presentations attached:

a)   International and regional projects for computing technologies development       Dr. P. BOGATENCOV

b)  Access to regional High Performance Computing (HPC) resources      N. ILIUHA