News: RENAM expands the eduroam service in Moldova: now also in Taraclia

RENAM expands the eduroam service in Moldova: now also in Taraclia

RENAM continues to expand the eduroam service throughout the country. At present the Gregory Tsamblak State University in Taraclia can benefit from eduroam. Internet access in the premises of this university is now easily available and secure in the study areas and at the students’ dormitory.

#love2eduroam imageDuring February-March 2023 there were installed and configured 10 access points in the university building and 12 in the dormitory to connect them to eduroam.

RENAM specialists designed this network, taking into account the specific construction of the university building and the dormitory to achieve good coverage of eduroam in both locations and for all classrooms. Further, they participated, together with the university specialists, in the network installation works, providing all the necessary support to obtain a functional eduroam network, including coordination of the laying works and setting up the equipment parameters.

eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide Wi-Fi roaming access service developed for the international research and education community. It allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop, mobile phone or other device.

“Now our university professors, travelling to Moldovan and foreign universities, use the eduroam service. It is very convenient, they no longer need to search for an internet connection when visiting different universities, both in the country and abroad. Also, since this year, our university has been participating in an Erasmus+ project. The lecturers, who were travelling abroad in its framework, used eduroam connectivity. We highly appreciate the support provided by RENAM: the staff is very benevolent, and they solve problems that arise quickly and efficiently.”
Miculischii Andrei, Head of Information Technology Department, Gregory Tsamblak State University in Taraclia

eduroam users from Moldova can also freely access the internet abroad – with more than 10,000 eduroam hotspots across more than 100 countries – whether they are participating in the Erasmus+ international exchange programme, a scientific conference or a collaboration.

Joining new institutions to the eduroam network contributes to their transformation into more convenient places, so that eduroam users benefit from uninterrupted service, accessing the content they need, increasing their mobility and improving their digital access.

The expansion of the necessary infrastructure is supported by the EU-funded project ‘EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities (EaPConnect)’, and RENAM offers such services to research and education institutions.