New Methods of Working for Information Society Technologies Programme Promotion to Commonwealth of Independent States

The important objective of WISTCIS is to accelerate emergence and further development of telematics activities in the seven European CIS countries creating in this way a huge new potential market for IST products. Pursuing this objective WISTCIS will facilitate new working contacts between the producers of Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme telematics products in the countries of European Union and participating organizations in the CIS countries. Such contacts will be deployed by the project into efficient East-West target-oriented working teams. New methods of work will be implemented for these teams to embed them into real environment of the Information Society. Thus WISTCIS is directly related with IST Programme as a whole, as well as with its key action (ii) “New methods of work and electronic commerce”. The project also contributes to three other key actions. WISTCIS significantly contributes to expansion of IST Programme on huge community of the seven European CIS countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

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Support for Telematics Applications Cooperation with the Commonwealth of Independent States (STACCIS)

The STACCIS project which started in 1996 is directed to the development of collaboration in the sphere of the applied networking technologies, used in education, scientific research and works on ecology in the states of the European Union (EU) and the European states of CIS: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine. Later on the circle of the CIS countries, participating in STACCIS project, has widened thanks to including of the Middle Asia states of the former USSR. The principal tasks of the project include: Study of the existing networking resources and formation of the specialized national coordination structures; Analysis of the achievements, work methods and the problems of the applied networking technology development; Elaboration and realization of the information strategy plans. At the previous stages in 1996-1997 the first two problems were solved and the principles of Information-Demonstration Centres system formation were defined in order to realize the project information strategy. In 1998 the second phase of STACCIS project started. A schedule of work accomplishment and carrying-out of the main organization measures for the period of 1998 beginning – 1999 middle has been elaborated. The creation of the national Web-site IDC in Moldova was planned for 1998…

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Internet pentru Moldova (MoldNet)

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