Conferences: “Cyber terrorism: Prevention and Protection” – NATO

“Cyber terrorism: Prevention and Protection” – NATO

On behalf of Organizing Committee we kindly inform you about preparation of NATO Advanced Networking Workshop entitled “Cyber terrorism: Prevention and Protection” – one of the key events of the Information Technologies Week in Moldova – 2009.

The ANW is organized under supervision of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and The Ministry of Information Development of Moldova by the Italian Institute of Technologies, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova in cooperation with NATO Science for Peace and Security Council, the Center of Special Telecommunications, the Center of Economic Development and Public Affairs of AES, the Laboratory of Information Security of AES, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the ASM and Cisco Systems.

ANW will take place in Chisinau, Moldova, May 21-23, 2009.

The main workshop topics cover, but are not limited to the following subjects:

• Legal aspects for the cyber terrorism combating. Monitoring and examinations.
• Technical and Technological aspects for fighting against the cyber terrorism.
• Interstate cooperation for fighting against the cyber terrorism.
• Business and cyber terrorism.
• Systemic approach for risks analysis of the cyber terrorism.
• Education and cyber terrorism.
• Information-Communication Security.

The Workshop purpose is to gather regional research teams from CIS (especially from the region of Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine) cooperated with the international experts to examine ways to develop an actionable, sustained national awareness campaign and prevention program (concrete activities and recommendations) to alarm and inform widely – intraregional, federal, state, and local governments, educational institutions, small businesses, and home users about cyber security risks. Concurrent purpose is to help organizations and individuals to protect key resources, critical infrastructure, and their own personal sensitive information and identities from man-made and natural threats as well as to provide knowledge transfer and utilization of appropriate advanced IT-based technologies.

The workshop will be attended by key-note invited speakers, managers of IT departments, computer networks security specialists and other security experts from both CIS and Western countries discovering up-to-date computer security technologies by developers, academic community, governments, and the society as a whole.

Please note that RENAM Association in cooperation with the Academy of Economic Studies of the Republic of Moldova actively promote collaborative knowledge and education focused on secure IT utilization. Significant contributions in secure IT technologies development was provided by the Italian Institute of Technology and Cisco Eastern Europe Partners. We are considering the dissemination of this activity to other countries and regions.

To apply for participation in the ANW the invited speakers and ANW participants must submit their papers in accordance with IOSPRESS publishing requirements. There is an agreement with NATO SPS and IOSPRESS for publishing ANW proceedings.


31 March – Deadline for Contribution Submission – expression of interest to attend and submitting of abstracts of presentations (requirements for abstracts preparation);

10 April – Notifications of participation and official invitations distribution (participants who needs Visa to come to Moldova, please inform Organizing Committee as soon as possible and invitation letter for Visa application will be issued)

20 April – Filling on-line Registration form;

30 April – Draft Program issued and available via the Workshop site;

05 May – Final Program web published and e-mail distribution;

20-21 May – Workshop participants meeting, registration and Workshop opening;
21-23 May – Workshop working period.