International Activities

International Activities of Higher Education Establishments
International cooperation is an important aspect of university life.
The Ministry of Education of Moldova signed Cooperation Agreements with the Ministries of Education from Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and China. These Agreements envisage cooperation in the field of education, students and academic exchanges, recognition of Diploma and scientific degrees. In the near future some other Agreements will be signed with Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Italy.
The Parliament of Moldova ratified the Lisbon Convention of 1997 and signed some other documents regarding education and participation in European and International organizations dealing with education, research, training of academic and research staff as well.
Foreign students can be admitted to higher education in the result of the existing bilateral agreements between the Ministry of Education of Moldova and the relevant Ministries from other countries, if any. In other case individuals from other countries can sign personal agreements with educational institutions in the matter of education. In this case students from other countries must pay tuition fees.
HEIs participate with educational, university management and research projects in the Tempus-Tacis Program, in the Programs of the Francophone Universities’ Agency, in the projects financed by the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (USA), INTAS program of the EU, programs financed by Governments of the USA, Italy, Romania, Sweden, France, Germany.