3rd RENAM User’s Conference – 2009

Science and Education in the Information Society of Moldova: 10 years on the road. RENAM Association (Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova) in cooperation with Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics of Technical University of Moldova is organizing the 3rd RENAM User’s Conference UC–2009 in the frame of ICMCS-2009: the VI International Conference on Microelectronics and Computer Science on 1 October 2009. Main purpose of the RENAM User’s Conference is to discover and to discuss actual problems and development perspectives of the information infrastructure and services for e-science and e-learning communities of Moldova, together with international collaboration aspects. This year RENAM celebrates 10 year jubilee that will be reflected in conference work. Modern education and research activities are strongly dependent on a high-speed communication infrastructure and computer networks based on the newest technology. Design, implementation, management of such networks, together with development of new application fields are not possible without good knowledge of networking state-of-the-art. 3rd RENAM UC–2009 offers special opportunities for information exchange in computer networking: technical and strategic aspects, communication issues, and of course their applications in education and research. As in previously organized conference, this new event offers a proper framework for joining prominent personalities of digital communication…


Str. Studentilor 7, corpul de studii nr. 3.
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

9th RENAM User’s Conference – UC 2015


Technical University of Moldova Chisinau; Republic of Moldova; bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 168

Joint Conference RoEduNet and RENAM


Technical University of Moldova Chisinau; Republic of Moldova; bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 168

6th RENAM User’s Conference – UC 2012

The 6th edition of RENAM National Research and Education Network User's Conference will be held on 17 may , 2012 in co-location with The 4-th International Conference "Telecommunications, Electronics and Informatics"


Technical University of Moldova Chisinau; Republic of Moldova; bd. Ştefan cel Mare, 168

Fourth CEENet Workshop – 2004

The role of National Research and Education Networks is of great value for a free exchange of ideas, best practices and concepts that under the umbrella of education and research encourage and establish democratic and market oriented mechanisms and institutions.


Academy of Economic Studies
61 Banulescu-Bodoni street,
MD-2005, Chisinau, Moldova

“Cyber terrorism: Prevention and Protection” – NATO

The ANW is organized under supervision of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and The Ministry of Information Development of Moldova by the Italian Institute of Technologies, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and the Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova in cooperation with NATO Science for Peace and Security Council, the Center of Special Telecommunications, the Center of Economic Development and Public Affairs of AES, the Laboratory of Information Security of AES, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the ASM and Cisco Systems.


 Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the ASM